Warranty Information

Sibbex is only a reseller, distributor, and retailer for all the products displayed on the website. Products listed on the website are not manufactured by the company.

For additional fees, we offer a replacement warranty to our customers. Apart from our company’s warranty, all warranties are offered by the manufacturers and can differ depending upon the product. Speaking of which, Sibbex isn’t accountable for the product’s warranty claims. The company does not express any warranty apart from those clearly mentioned in this document.

Please acknowledge that Sibbex does not provide any warranty that our services or products will,

  • Meet your requests, expectations, and requirements exactly the way you want
  • Be completely free from any or every error
  • Correct any or every error in the software or program
  • Provide accurate results or set of validated data on information processing

What Does Our Warranty Cover?

Our warranty remains active from 30 to 90 days after you make a purchase from us. If defects are present in the merchandise, we will provide a one-time replacement or otherwise refund it. In any case, if we fail to replace the merchandise then we’ll go with refunding the actual price of the product you purchased. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable in any case.

The final decision remains with Sibbex whether it will replace the merchandise or refund it.

Warranty We offer,

  • 30-days replacement
  • 60-days replacement
  • 90-days replacement

What Does Our Warranty Not Cover?

Our warranties do not cover the problems caused by:

  • External damage, electric shock, mishandling, electrostatic discharge, improper installation, operation, maintenance, modification, or exposure to heat or humidity beyond product specification.
  • Misuse against the mentioned descriptions in the user manual or guide.
  • Any malfunction caused by the other factors. All our warranties will become invalid if any of the product is returned in damaged packaging, tampered with labels, or any other alterations, which also includes the removal of any component or external covering.
  • Data losses or damage caused to other equipment. Please note that any cost related to consequential damages, data recovery, removal, and installation are not recoverable under our warranties or any of the clauses.

If you find a defect in your product or receive a wrong order, please call (469) 573-3292 or fill out the form for the RMA number providing all the details. Sibbex will not provide any warranty coverage unless the proper procedure is followed.

Sibbex will not be accountable for the direct damages caused by our services under any circumstances. This includes but not limited to, strict liability, negligence of any sort, or any breach of the warranty contract; whether or not we have been instructed for the possibility of such losses to occur in any of the operations. Lastly, please note that Sibbex will not be held accountable for any direct or personal damage, hit or loss of the property, or any other similar situation.

If you’re still unclear or have questions regarding our policies or warranty, please reach out to us via email or call, your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you!