Technology Delivered

Sibbex is your single-source, global computer hardware and services provider. We offer you top of the line refurbished products from industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers such as HP, SUN. Dell, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, and more.

  • Being one of the trusted names in the electronics market, our growing product database offer off-lease hardware that includes:
  • Motherboards
  • Hard drives
  • Memory cards
  • Network hardware
  • Servers
  • Gaming servers
  • Laptops & Notebooks
  • & other network hardware
  • Sibbex facilitates online sales transactions; B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) expertly. We offer maximum value to our customers by providing products that deliver maximum productivity on newer machines and extend the lifespan of the older ones.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Sibbex, it is our mission to provide an excellent shopping experience and end-to-end customer support. As a customer-centric organization, we always try to exceed your expectations.

User-Friendly experience

  • We ensure that customer’s journey of order decision, placement, and fulfillment is a smooth transition in every way. With ever-evolving technology and newer algorithms, we prioritize quality, innovation, and simplicity to provide a seamless shopping experience to all our existing customers and new site visitors.

Customer needs

  • We know our customers and their ever-changing needs for the latest gear and computers. To meet the demands of our customers, we keep ourselves updated about the popular products and deliver all the components for different uses. It is our utmost responsibility to provide a positive online shopping experience in every way.

Wide ranging Products

  • Sibbex offers ultimate diversity in its range of products. Whether our customer needs refurbished hardware, prebuilt laptops, or looking for a hard-to-find component in the market, we’ve got them covered in every way. Sibbex is your go-to online store for all your tech gear needs.

Complete Product Information

We ensure that all our products advertised on the website are described with correct specifications. Moreover, our tech support team and sales staff are trained to help you find the component that you’re looking for and guide you through the purchase. We seek constant improvement to make our website navigation friendly in all aspects. Whether you have a question about a specific refurbished part or want to know about the range of products on our website, just reach out to us and we’ll feel happy to help you!


All our products go through quality testing before being shipped to you. Through standard testing procedures and teamwork, we ensure all our products are functional and defect-free.

Award-Winning Tech Support

At Sibbex, we offer the expert services of our award-winning tech support. Their job is to help figure out and resolve technical issues you’re facing with your servers, and help you configure your equipment and network at the optimum level. It’s our commitment to customers that we provide fitting solutions whenever they’re needed. Contact our expert tech support to get all your issues resolved!

Fast Shipping

We strive to provide any hardware product to our clients within 3 to 7 business days. For further details, read our shipping policy.

Commitment to customers

  • Sibbex ensures on-time delivery to all its customers. If there are delays due to inevitable conditions - natural disasters, lockdown, etc. - we inform our customers beforehand.


  • At Sibbex, you’ll find fair shipping prices without any hidden charges. You can read more about our shipping policy here.

Our Carriers

  • Sibbex has partnered with the trusted carriers to provide on-time shipping services to all our customers present in multiple regions. Our top carriers are FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Our Core Values


  • Our company leadership strives to create long-term value for our customers with our tech knowledge, data analysis, and excellent communication strategy. Seeking continual improvement, we incorporate trends such as AI and AR technologies and monitor online communities to get a better insight into the ever-evolving demands of the products.
  • It’s our in-depth knowledge about tech hardware, marketing, and customer-centric approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Integrity

  • Our company infrastructure, services, and other operations are based upon the values of integrity and ethics. We remain transparent in our day-to-day dealings with our customers in every way providing them the added value.


  • We want to foster a relationship of trust with our customers by providing them top-notch services just the way they want. It also helps us to boost the retention and loyalty of our customers.