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Buy Refurbished Motherboards For PC & Servers

Whether you need desktop motherboards, laptop motherboards, or server motherboards, Sibbex has them all under one roof. Browse through our collection of quality refurbished motherboard to make a purchase today!

Laptop/Desktop Motherboard
There are many things to consider while upgrading to a new motherboard for your system, platform, sockets and chipsets, form factor, etc. Sibbex is your one-stop shop to buy off-lease motherboard for your PCs. We have the broadest collection of used motherboards from the top manufacturers, ASUS, HP, Acer, MSI, Intel, GIGABYTE, and more.

Server Motherboard
Server motherboards are slightly different from desktop or laptop motherboards. They handle heavier workloads and have multiple ports as compared to the desktop motherboards. Therefore, they require multiple microprocessors to function properly. This increases the size and number of chips on a single board. While making a purchase, all the specifications of bus transfer speed, storage capacity, and memory capacity should be checked according to your needs. If you’re unsure about which model and brand to buy, then don’t be concerned as our experts will guide you about everything and anything pertaining to your order. We’re only a click away!