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SFP Transceivers for High Density & Long Distance

A SFP transceiver is a small yet powerful device that can both transmit and receive data. This data is sent through optical fiber at very high speeds and can cover long distances. An optical transceiver is an important part of a fiber optics network. It will help you convert the electrical signals to optical and then back to optical. These fiber optic transceivers come in different shapes and sizes, called form factors. Which form factor you have to use depends on the type of data, speed and distance needed. Different protocols determine how the different kinds of data are transmitted. If you are looking for an update on your transceivers, then Sibbex can help you get the right modules that will transfer high density data over long distances. We can help you improve your network communication based on the required optical reach. Buy the best optical SFP from Sibbex now.

Buy New and Used SFP Transceivers with Sibbex

High-end networking demands high-end equipment. At Sibbex we have a plethora of options when it comes to new and used SFP transceivers. When you have to make a decision to purchase a high-end technology you have to keep many factors in consideration. Sibbex can help you with that. When it comes to fiber optic transceivers, they are popular for three main reasons. First, they are compact and can provide fast communication between switches and important networking components. Secondly, it comes in a variety of SFP connection options. And lastly, SFP is hot swappable. This makes it ideal for expanding or adjusting existing networks without having to redesign the entire cable infrastructure. At Sibbex you will find SFP that is designed to work with a bulk of modern networks. On the copper side, you will primarily find 1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-TX modules for gigabit ethernet networking. While on the side of fiber optics, there are multiple options. SFP modules are made to support single mode and multimode fiber. It also works with both simplex and duplex. You will have wavelength options ranging from 850nm to 1550nm. Networking ranges are available from 500m to 100km. you can shop both new and used SFP transceivers from industry leading manufacturers at Sibbex at affordable prices.