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Wireless Routers & Network Switches for Greater Network Coverage

One of the most important parts of any network are routers. You can think of this device as the backbone of the enterprise because it will help you connect all the pieces of your network. In addition to creating a LAN, a router can connect multiple networks to a wide area network. You can find both fiber and wireless routers at Sibbex. Wireless routers can help regulate how the employees in your organization can connect to your router switch and the outside internet. Routers can also divide your larger enterprise network switch into smaller sub-networks that can be managed and accessed by individual offices or departments. If your enterprise network spans over multiple locations, wireless routers can be used to connect them to your more extensive full enterprise network. Wireless routers are referred to as Wi-Fi routers. For all your wired and wireless router needs Sibbex is the one stop shop. We have a wide range of routers and best wireless router for greater network coverage, from world-leading brands available at Sibbex shop.

Wireless Routers & Network Switches for Advanced Networking Features

Similar to hubs, network switches connect multiple devices to a single Wireless Routers. These switches come in may sizes and can connect a little as two devices to a hundred of employee machines. Network switches can be considered as an upgraded and a more high-tech version of a network hub. Unlike wireless routers, switches are not usually connected wirelessly. Instead, the devices are connected to switches via a hardwire connection. Other devices can then connect wirelessly to the switch. Typically, a firm dedicates a server or IT room will house a rack where switches will connect the devices to the network. As with switches devices are not connected wirelessly, the devices can also store routing information. This allows the devices to assist in increasing network efficiency. Ethernet switches & PoE switches help in ensuring that the enterprise resources are used efficiently. With them no one devices can take too much bandwidth or cause network slowdown. Wifi network switches can also aid in network security by limiting which users or devices can access the network. If this is all what you want in your organization then shop at Sibbex now. We have got all network switches that you would need for advanced networking features.