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Optimize Performance With Rackmount Servers

A rack server is mounted in a rack. These rackmount servers are typically general-purpose servers. They support a broad range of applications and computing infrastructure. These racks stack servers vertically which will help you save space. The more IT equipment that you can stack vertically the more equipment you can have in-house. These standardized racks are 1.75 inches tall and 19 inches wide. You can get a rackmount server in heights 1U, 4U, 10U, or even higher, 70U that big firms use.

You can also purchase additional devices to fit in the rack. Big firms can utilize these empty units for extra storage purposes. If you want to optimize the performance of your networked system, then get a rackmount server for your organization. Sibbex offers both used and refurbished rackmount servers. This is for those individuals who want to get their hands on high-end technology yet do not spend a lot on it. However, if you want to brand new servers Sibbex can cater to those needs of yours. Visit Sibbex shop and buy rack servers now!

Shop Rackmount Servers in All Form Factors

As rack servers can be mounted on standardized high capacity racks they allow data centers to efficiently deploy dozens of serves at a time. Rackmount servers are self-contained. This means that each server has the capacity to run everything on its own. Thus, these servers can be used as a stand-alone network system that will generate its own power source and has a CPU and memory. These features enable rackmount servers to run all intensive computing operations efficiently.

Moreover, with their compact structure, these servers make highly efficient use of limited storage space. You can also expand them with additional memory, data storage, and processors. It is also physically simple for organizations to hot-swap a rack server if the admins of the firm have shared or clustered server data for redundancy. For small to medium-sized firms, a rackmount server is a cost-effective option as they offer management and energy efficiency at a lower cost. You can shop new, refurbished, and used rackmount servers at Sibbex. We offer all high-end technology at competitive prices. Visit now and let us help you go big!