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Distribute Power to Multiple Devices with Power Distribution Units PDU

A power distribution unit is a device that is used to control the electrical power in the data center. One of the most basic PDUs is the large power strips without surge protection. These are designed to provide the standard electrical outlets for data center equipment. Smart PDUs manage and distribute electricity and are usually installed into a rack. The power source could be with alternating current or direct current. This power supply could come from an uninterruptible power supply, a utility power supplier, a generator, or any other secondary power source. these PDUs are designed to fulfill the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

With a power distribution unit, you can ensure that your organization’s IT infrastructure and data centers are adequately powered. You can also use this component to monitor your organization’s power efficiency and uptime. To benefit from all of these features of PDUs buy exceptional quality power distribution units from Sibbex now! We have the entire range for you to explore.

Choosing the Best Power Distribution Units PDU

Power distribution is needed in racks to properly connect to servers, switches, and other IT equipment, but that is not all. When buying you must find out which PDU model is the best for you. If you are running a small business. Power distribution unit for the server rack should have a portfolio of 120V and lower power ratings (kVA). Secondly, go for economical basic or metered input models and advanced LCD pixel display for local monitoring.

If you are running a remote office or a branch of your office then you would need a portfolio of 120V and lower power ratings, reboot devices without local IT staff assistance, control unused outlets to prevent unauthorized use, and an LCD pixel menu display simplifies setup. Similarly, if you own an enterprise data center or are a colocation service provider you would need a different PDU with high-level features. If you want to learn more about which PDU best fits your needs then get in touch with our customer service representative at Sibbex they will help you select the best power distribution unit for all your requirements.