Intel EATX Server Board, Socket 771, 1333MHz FSB, 32GB Max DDR2

Intel EATX Server Board, Socket 771, 1333MHz FSB, 32GB Max DDR2


Chipset: Intel 5000P


- About the Product:

Brand: INTEL

CPU Socket Type: Dual LGA 771

CPU Type: Multi-Core Intel Xeon processor

Number of DDR2 Slots: 8 x 240Pin

Maximum Memory Supported: 32GB

Maximum Memory Supported: 32GB

Type: Server Motherboard

- Description
High Performance Server Board for Maximum Reliability and ManageabilitySmall and medium-sized businesses today rely on advanced technologies for business applications. Access to the applications that support companies in their quest to maintain their competitive edge require high performance server boards, with maximum reliability and manageability. Growing businesses need a trusted server solution capable of running a variety of database, file, and messaging applications.Built on a powerful processor foundation, the Intel?? Server Board S5000PSL has the performance and features growing businesses demand. Optional hardware RAID delivers added reliability, excellent data protection, and advanced data management. The S5000PSL optimizes performance and cost by integrating key features, and the variety of configurations provides maximum flexibility and scalability for growingcompanies.The S5000PSL supports enterprise class, high performance SAS drives, as well as lower cost SATA drives. More higher performance PCI Express* slots provide the expansion headroom businesses need, and the integrated Baseboard Management Controller BMC enables manageability while preserving remote management upgrade options. For addedflexibility, the S5000PSL is designed to work with both the Intel?? Server Chassis SC5400 and the entry level Intel?? Server Chassis SC5299-E.

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