HP PowerUp 22400 mAh Laptops Backpack

HP PowerUp 22400 mAh Laptops Backpack


Size: 17.3-Inch


- About the Product:

Brand: HP


Type: Backpack

Color: Black

Compatible Laptop Size: 17"

Material: Canvas

Features: USB-Powered, Water-Resistant

- Description
A built-in battery gives you the remarkable ability to charge your laptop tablet and smartphone wherever you are. Beautifully functional and exceptionally efficient it's got the power to take you further.
Charges most HP Laptops with up to 43.94 cm (17.3") diagonal screen size a tablet and a smartphone. Provides a full charge to most HP laptops charges a tablet up to three times and a smartphone up to 10 times. With power priority, you control the order in which your devices charge.

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