Cisco 8821 Wireless IP Phone


Cisco 8821 Wireless IP Phone


Color: Charcoal

Technology: 10/100


- About the Product:

Brand: Cisco

Model: 8821

Display: 2.4-IN (6CM) Color Graphical TFT

Speakerphone: Full Duplex

Bluetooth: 4.0

- Description
The Wireless IP Phone 8821 is designed for the more physically active user who may not be assigned a desk, share a desk with colleagues, or have a desk, but often needs to step away from it during a work shift. Targeted for businesses of all sizes that have deployed 802.11 Wireless LAN networks, the 8821 is ideal for professionals on shifts, such as: - Doctors, nurses, and technicians in healthcare. - Customer service and help desk staff in retail. - Managerial and engineering staff within manufacturing, oil, and chemical industries.

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