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Buy Refurbished Network Adapters & Equipment

At Sibbex, we offer you a wide range of refurbished network adapters, transceivers, and other equipment from industry-leading brands including Intel, ASUS, IBM, HP, Cisco, and more. - Network Adapter - A network adapter is a device that enables your system to connect with any other system, device, server, or networking component over a LAN connection. It can work through both ways; wired or a wireless network. It helps your computer to communicate across a network and allows you to cut costs as there’s no need to buy multiple networking equipment. Transceiver - It is a networking device that transmits and receives communication signals in combined settings. Transceivers are used to connect network nodes and exchange information in the form of sending and receiving analog or digital signals. At Sibbex, you can discover our wide range of off-lease network transceivers, including Fiber-optic transceivers, SPF transceivers, Ethernet transceivers, SPF transceivers, RF transceivers, and there are more. - Router - The router is an ultimate need for all of us, whether it’s our homes, offices, or any other place. It’s the connection to our work, endless entertainment, our socials; it’d be a no-brainer to say that we can’t imagine our lives without these devices. In more technical terms, routers are defined as the hardware devices that receive, analyze and transfer incoming data packets to a different network interface present in other systems, or other devices. However, they are multipurpose devices as they connect systems to the internet or choose to perform other actions depending upon the network they’re related to. - Wireless Router - Wireless routers are the combination of wireless access points and routers into a single device and they connect your local network to the accessible internet. We have a wide range of used wireless routers from eminent brands including; ASUS, Speedefy, Linksys, TP-Link, NETGEAR, and more. Whether you’re buying one for home or want to support a large network of systems at your workplace, we have all the models to cover your varying needs; so you can pick the one depending upon your set of specifications and budget. - Wireless Access Point - Wireless Access Point (WAP) or wireless AP is a device that adds WI-FI capability to your existing wired network. It acts as the portal for all the devices to get connected to the local area network and extends the total coverage of the wireless network allowing more users to use the internet. If you’re unsure about which model and brand to pick, just reach out to us, and our sales team will help find the fitting component and guide you through the purchase. Feel comfort in knowing that we’re only a step away!