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Buy Refurbished Graphics Cards & GPU

Sibbex offers the broadest range of refurbished graphics cards to all avid gamers and creative professionals. Browse through our categories of superfast, feature-rich, off-lease graphics cards by AMD, Nvidia, Asus, EVGA, and more. Graphic cards with the advanced graphics processing unit take care of your system’s video quality and graphically demanding PC games. They handle hours of your intensive gaming sessions, CAD programming, facilitates graphics designing/video editing, and improves your computer’s efficiency so there are no lags. Our graphic cards meet all your requirements for uninterrupted gaming sessions and processing complex video software, and they improve your overall system’s performance to maximum. It is recommended to check the graphics demands of your software or games before making a purchase. Commonly 2 GB to 4 GB graphics cards meet the requirements of the most creative professionals, while 6 GB to 8GB or higher is aptly compatible for gaming. In case if you’re unsure which graphic cards to buy, all you need to do is to reach out to us, and our professional experts will help you make the correct purchase.