Sibbex Refurbished Computer Parts Store

Sibbex specializes in fulfilling all your tech needs. We’re a one-stop shop for used computer parts, refurbished laptops, and pre-owned accessories. Find all the things you need under one roof!

Sibbex has a growing product database to help customers at large and is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to everyone. Sibbex accepts all international orders and ships worldwide.

We have the broadest range of pre-owned laptops and second hand computer parts, including storage solutions , memory devices, processors , networking appliances , Graphic cards and GPU , motherboards , and accessories . Our sales staff is here to help you get the correct parts you’re looking for. For hardware we may not have; we provide you white-glove-service and help you with hard-to-find computer hardware and get more out of your “end of life” workstations, servers, and networking equipment.

With our complete product information, award-winning tech support, and no compromise on quality, we stay above the ecommerce competition. We meet your all personal, professional, and gaming needs by making your workstations run as fast as possible.

In addition, our award-winning tech support helps you figure out and resolve technical issues you’re facing with your servers or workstations, and helps you configure your equipment at optimum level. Contact our tech specialists to diagnose and solve your technical issues today.

Generate optimum productivity on the newer setups and easily extend the life of the older ones with Sibbex hardware!

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